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00. INTRODUCTION [0:50:03]

In this introductory module, you’ll learn how the course is structured, who will teach you and how to get the most out of this comprehensive program.


00.00. Hello [07:16]

00.01. About the course [10:46]

00.02. About Author [04:43]

00.03. How to work with materials [16:00]

00.04. Discord Group [08:46]

00.05. First Exercise [02:33]

01. START [2:14:58]

This module will give you a better understanding of Programming. You will learn the Computational thinking concept. Be familiar with the parametric design approach and how the entire AEC industry can benefit from it.


01.00. Intro [01:29]

01.01. Why should engineers

learn programming? [17:29]

01.02. Computational thinking [15:50]

01.03. Computer Programming [16:57]

01.04. Parametric Design [12:45]

01.05. Why Parametric Design? [15:15]

01.06. What is Rhino and Grasshopper? [16:01]

01.07. Grasshopper in Action [36:47]

02. INTRO RHINO [2:09:32]

We will dive into the basics of Rhino and 3D modelling. You will learn all essential Rhino commands and functions. You will gain all the necessary skills to work in Rhino together with Grasshopper.


02.00. Installation process [20:03]

02.01. Rhino Interface 1/2 [30:25]

02.02. Rhino Interface 2/2 [18:15]

02.03. Modelling in Rhino 1/2 [32:06]

02.04. Modelling in Rhino 2/2 [28:43]


Let’s get familiar with the Grasshopper interface. In this module, you will learn everything about canvas, Radial Menu, tollbars and how to work simultaneously in Rhino and Grasshopper.


03.00. Intro [02:13]

03.01. Grasshopper interface 1/3 [20:52]

03.02. Grasshopper interface 2/3 [14:24]

03.03. Grasshopper interface 3/3 [09:15]

03.04. Rhino with Grasshopper 1/2 [23:26]

03.05. Rhino with Grasshopper 2/2 [19:53]

03.06. Intro Grasshopper -Homework [03:02]


It is time to be familiar with script elements. You will learn all available parameters in Grasshopper, how to use wire functions, and understand the logic behind Grasshopper components.


04.00. Intro [04:15]

04.01. Grasshopper Parameters 1-2 [23:21]

04.02. Grasshopper Parameters 2-2 [28:43]

04.03. Wiring [11:01]

04.04. Grasshopper Components [13:22]

05. LISTS AND DATA [1:38:25]

In this module, you will understand data as a list. Further, we will explore all essential components created for manipulating data in the form of a list.


05.00. Data [05:56]

05.01. List Creation [21:06]

05.02. List Management [19:26]

05.03. Working with lists [10:27]

05.04. Logic [18:02]

05.05. Mathematics [23:28]

06. GH ELEMENTS [1:29:28]

All lessons in this module will be dedicated to Grasshopper elements such as points, vectors and planes.


06.00. Intro [01:46]

06.01. Points [27:18]

06.02. Vector [32:00]

06.03. Planes [28:24]

07. TRANSFORMATION [1:16:59]

Now, it is time to start playing with geometry. This module covers all practical transformations such as move, scale, rotate, orient and project on.


07.00. Intro [01:38]

07.01. Basic transformations [33:02]

07.02. Advanced transformations [36:39]

07.03. Homework [05:40]

08. DATA TREES [1:49:56]

Finally, you are ready for advanced data management in Grasshopper. In this extensive module, we will go through the concept of data tree structures. How to create and manipulate data tree structures.


08.00. Data tree [01:44]

08.01. Data tree structure [26:09]

08.02. Data tree generation [25:55]

08.03. Data tree matching [18:37]

08.04. Data tree operations [35:44]

08.05. Homework [01:47]

09. CURVES [2:23:12]

This module covers all theories about parametric curves. You will learn all the useful components and start creating a geometry that consists of curves.


09.00. Intro [19:13]

09.01. Lines and polylines [20:48]

09.02. Modify polylines [43:04]

09.03. Curves division [19:12]

09.04. Curve operations [34:49]

09.05. Homework [06:06]

10. SURFACES [1:36:06]

All lessons in this module will be focused on surfaces. First, we will dive into the theory and we will make numerous practical examples with the use of surface components.


10.00. Intro [11:37]

10.01. Primitives [10:14]

10.02. Free form [27:37]

10.03. Analysis [21:34]

10.04. Util [18:56]

10.05. Homework [06:08]

11. EXTRA [1:44:30]

In one of the closing modules, we will go through diverse additional topics such as:
Text management, data visualisation, BIM in Grasshopper


11.00. Intro [01:02]

11.01. Text management [30:23]

11.02. Display [36:28]

11.03. Intersect [16:19]

11.04. Diverse [20:18]

12. OUTRO [02:43]

Here you will get your certificate of completion of the course.

13. BONUS [2:47:47]

This module is dedicated to extra learning materials and practical advice about using Grasshopper. I’ll give suggestions about the next steps you can take on your journey into applying parametric design to your work.


13.01. Good habits while working

with Grasshopper [39:59]

13.02 How to create clean

Grasshopper scripts [01:11:08]

13.03. IFC Export from Rhino – VisualARQ [56:40]


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